Winning Strategies for Football Equipment Storage

By Stuffey | January 7, 2020

Especially in the South, the advent of autumn is a welcome time. This is true for many reasons: cooler temperatures, the beginning of a new school year, and the arrival of pumpkin-flavored everything being just a few. For many, though, the most exciting part of this time of year is the start of a new football season. Whether your favorite level of the sport is pro, college, or high school, a new season’s kick-off brings added enjoyment to Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

More than any other athletic endeavor, the game of football relies heavily on set plays. Playbooks for higher-level leagues can be hundreds of pages long; they might include play names like “Stagger Right Mickey,” “Bloughton Blitz” and “Jet-Z Tango.” All of these plays rely on players being in certain positional alignments, or configurations. If the team members are “out of position,” a play won’t work. Misalignment causes confusion, sometimes penalties, and often, failure. It’s a big deal.

Here at Patterson Pope, we’re fans of the game. Being pros in the game of storage, we’re able to lend our expertise to organizations and institutions at various levels who are interested in putting together a new game plan for their locker/equipment room storage. Talking about the grand gridiron game is an ideal way to illustrate just how “winning” our coaching can be in helping athletic departments and individuals tackle their storage design ambitions.

P2 Talks – Football Equipment Storage Solutions

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Begin by Assessing the Talent You Have

A typical locker room or equipment room is packed with stuff. We’re talking helmets, jerseys, shoes, shoulder pads, socks, gloves, towels, balls, mouthguards, and… well… you get the gist. We’ve heard from coaches, trainers and equipment managers who’ve all said that tackling athletic storage issues can be more daunting than game planning for the most talented opponent on the field.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be scary. The key is partnering with someone who can coach you through the process. You want to align yourself with a company that, as a storage expert, can help you to:

  • Double your storage capacity compared to traditional storage units
  • Recommend and install customized shelving to accommodate for any size or shape of equipment
  • Provide bags and bins for shoes, bulky equipment and protective gear
  • Outfit your facility with lockers for hanging jerseys and uniforms
  • Add drawers and cabinets for tools and first aid considerations

Do you have someone like that on your team? Because if not, we know a guy.

Case Study CTA

The Right Way to Kick Things Off

As someone involved in the game, you know a thing or two about your team and your space. Just as any coach might use creative visualization to help his team imagine what their future success might look like, you can do the same for the area you’re thinking about renovating. Whether on your own or with the help of one of our knowledgeable space planners, take a critical look at your space and imagine for a moment what you’d like it to look like. What’s missing? How might you envision using additional free space? In what ways might a redesign facilitate better area flow and, perhaps, even team chemistry?

Can storage do all that? You bet.

Scheduling a consultation with a rep helps start things off on the right foot. It allows you to talk over the challenges you’ve been facing, throw out some ideas for improvement, and get some real, honest feedback about your vision.

The Football Equipment Storage Playbook

Sure, football is a game played by a lot of people. And while it may be “the same game” for all of them, no one ever confuses a rookie with Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. It’s the individual commitment to excellence that sets the great ones apart. In much the same way, how individuals decide to tackle their own locker/equipment room challenges is an individual choice. There are, to further the analogy, plenty of playbooks.

The following is just a sample of the different kinds of shelving and storage options that are available. Remember that what works for one client/team doesn’t automatically work for another.

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