Trauma Cabinets – Always On Call

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

In a hospital setting, quick access to stock items is often critical. Items in this hospital trauma unit were originally stocked in a drawer bin system mounted to the wall. But emergency department personnel found the existing storage method a challenge. After careful consideration, they created an explicit list of goals for a better system.

1 – Efficiency
Stock Items tucked away in drawers hindered visibility, which meant nurses spent more time hunting for supplies.  Fixed bin sizes sometimes made organization challenging and inefficient. The new shelving has clear glass doors that enhance visibility. And an open bin system provides a home for each item, making them easy to inventory, use, and restock.

2 – Security
When materials management restocks supplies, a break-away tag is affixed to a hasp on the door. If the tag is secure, nurses can quickly confirm that supplies have not been removed. Their stock is refreshed and they are fully prepared for the next emergency.

3 – Growth
The old drawer bin system proved to be a waste of vertical space. With a more open rail system, the user can take advantage of vertical space and increase capacity within the same footprint. Rails that hold the bins are adjustable on 1-1/2” increments. They are easily added, removed, and adjusted as needs change.

4 – Budget
A strict dollar amount was tied to the storage component of the project. The shelving request began with a long list of requirements. But after filtering through design options and prioritizing their goals, the team created a solution that was within their budget.

The Trauma Cabinets solution has proven to be a good use of space, while providing fast and secure access to medical supplies.

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