Addressing New Needs For Evidence Storage

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

In recent years, more and more states have been passing laws that extend their statues of limitation for various types of crimes. The new policies have dramatically increased the need for additional evidence-based storage units in law enforcement buildings across the country.

Patterson Pope has specialized in High-density Storage and Shelving Solutions for more than four decades. We offer many units that are specifically designed for evidence storage. These lockers and cabinets have become popular items as a result of the statute of limitation extensions. Law enforcement personnel from all over are looking to us for solutions that will help them maintain the quality of evidence over a prolonged period of time.


Secure Your Evidence

The evidence that law enforcement needs to overcome their burdens of proof is often in the form of forensic science. Substances like blood, DNA, gunshot residue and pollen and must be kept in safe and secure spaces in order to preserve their form. We provide evidence drying cabinets for law enforcement agencies that securely air dry blood and other types of biological evidence.

The Evidence Drying Cabinets are easy to use. Each cabinet includes a variety of design features that ensure optimal air circulation and also provide ultimate security features.

The breakthroughs in forensic science have also increased the need for evidence storage. DNA profiling was not even used until 1984, and it took many years of experimenting and speculation until the legal world began to embrace the deoxyribonucleic acid. Today cases depend on it all of the time. Therefore, a new need for additional storage space and appropriate units have resulted in more specialized evidence storage.


As the need for more evidence storage space increases, law enforcement buildings generally stay the same size. For this reason, we offer Spacesaver evidence lockers and pass thru storage systems. The lockers come with advanced security features that eliminate wasted personnel time spent waiting for a technician to check in the evidence or waiting on a security officer to open the locker. The pass-thru locker is ideal for saving floor space. The units are actually built in the wall that separates the evidence drop off area from the property and evidence room. With an easy drop off side to deposit evidence opposite of a full size rear door for technicians, these evidence lockers are the most efficient and secure way for law enforcement agencies to maintain their chain of custody.

We also provide a non-pass thru evidence locker. This unit is mounted to the wall and allows evidence to be deposited and picked-up from the same self-closing door but eliminates the need for keys or confusing combinations. Non-pass thru evidence lockers can only be opened by authorized personnel, promising unlimited integrity of evidence preservation.

Evidence Storage Lockers

Lost evidence can be just as devastating to a criminal case as damaged evidence. Patterson Pope also offers a wide range of casework and shelving for other types of evidence. Witness testimony, medical records, fingerprints and other documents can be organized and easy to retrieve with several storage solutions.

Evidence Security is a Necessity

The days of relying on eye witnesses and alibi’s are long behind the criminal court system. Law enforcement agencies depend on forensics and trace evidence as tools for convictions and avenues to justice. With statute of limitations extending to up to ten years in some states, the need to preserve evidence is more critical than ever.

Pursuing justice is never an easy task. That is why Patterson Pope strives to make evidence storage as convenient and reliable as possible for law enforcement agencies.

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