The Importance of Safely Storing Art and Artifacts

By Stuffey | January 9, 2020

Museum personnel have an important job to do. Of course, any job that deals with handling priceless artwork and artifacts comes with enormous amounts of pressure. If a one-of-a-kind item or an original piece of art is damaged, all hope is lost really. There is no insurance policy that can magically replace it. There is no possible way to ask an artist who has been deceased for centuries to repaint a portrait.

There is, however, a step museum workers can take in order to ensure the treasured pieces are safe and protected. That step is proper storage. Museum storage does not just entail the items packed into drawers in back storage closets that are never to be seen or used again. In fact, art storage must be easy to retrieve, safe to transport and must not take up too much precious museum space. So where do museum administrators find storage solutions that are able to meet those exact needs?

Enter Patterson Pope. We have been providing museums with perfect storage units for more than forty years. We serve businesses and organizations nationwide and have seen it all when it comes to unique storage needs at museums. Because we have been doing this for so long, we have spent many years designing innovative storage units specifically for the purposes of storing, displaying and moving invaluable items. Not only do our storage units provide comfort to museum personnel (because the art is safe and well preserved), but our storage units also give them more freedom. Our products are all designed for saving space. Museums are constantly adding new items to their collections, but seldom are any items taken away. Museums are generally the final resting place for ancient pieces; therefore, space inevitably becomes an issue.

Let’s get into specifics so that you will know what we actually mean when we say we have ideal space-saving storage units for museum buildings.

Wide span shelving at Patterson Pope comes with a variety of custom designs. All styles are meant to hold hundreds of items such as artifacts or larger collection pieces. The different sizes for wide span shelving range in width from 60 inches to 96 inches and include an option of an add-on kit for future expansion. These durable shelves are made with strong 40-gauge steel beams and are capable of holding a load capacity up to 3,300 pounds.

Items that need to be stored in museums come in all different shapes and sizes.That is why our flat file cabinets are always popular with museums. These cover the needs to store items like paintings, maps or other types of flat prints. These units are incredibly durable and are coated with a solvent-free powder coating in order to keep the fragile documents safe and well preserved. Museum administrators love that they no longer need to spend hours hunting for a specific drawing. These units take organization to a whole new level and free up ample amounts of space.


Not everything in a museum can be stored horizontally. That is where Hang-Glider and Mobile Art Rack systems come in. These systems are lifesavers for museums that need more space but have endless portraits, landscapes and maps that need to be displayed vertically. Imagine flat files on their side, which is how these vertical systems function. The racks can be pulled out and the artwork will be hanging on either side of the standing shelf. It is a very effective and efficient solution and yet another reason museums come to us for their storage needs.

Additional reasons museums trust us with their sensitive storage needs are our durable cart options that can safely transport art and artifacts, lockers, cabinets, fire proof cabinets and automated retrieval systems.

No storage company understands the storage needs of museums the way Patterson Pope does. We have used our decades of experience listening to and working with museum administrators to come up with simply the best product line for museum storage out there. Museum personnel appreciate us removing the pressure of safe storage for priceless items that need to be preserved for many years to come.


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