Solutions for Storing Art

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

If you are in charge of a museum, art gallery, or a large number of pieces of art somewhere else, then proper storage is most definitely on your mind. Art storage is a precarious thing, because the art needs to be in the right place — secure and properly stored for when you need it. Patterson Pope offers a number of art storage options for you to consider. Take a look at the artwork you have to store and then choose the best option for your collection. Here are a few art storage considerations.

Mobile Art Racks
Mobile art racks can help you save floor space while protecting and storing your artwork. Mobile racks have large capacity and screens that protect the artwork. The pieces can hang in any arrangement you’d like and give you the aisle access you need. Mobile racks can store the same amount of art as static racks, but they take up half the floor space. You can double your storage space or just save on space in general.

Art Storage

Hang-Glider Pro Storage
The Hang-Glider storage system is safe and space efficient as well, with ceiling pullout storage panels. The tracks align with trolley wheels and create a smooth pullout section to protect your artwork. The collection is protected even from vibration with this storage system. The screen that protects the art is also very durable for added piece of mind.

If you have the floor space to spare, there are plenty of regular shelving options as well. Shelves of all different styles can be installed in a back room or right on the gallery floor to provide visible storage. You will want to make sure the shelving will protect the artwork and not just store it. It will need to be made from the right materials so that you can access the artwork and slide it on and off the shelves without causing damage.

Assess how much artwork you need to store and how much floor space you have, examine Patterson Pope’s art storage options, then call us and let us help you make an informed decision.


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