Benefits of Pass-Thru Evidence Storage Lockers

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

In a criminal investigation, keeping evidence properly stored and protected is vital to a successful outcome. One of the most vulnerable times is the period of time between the collection of the evidence and its arrival in the evidence and property room. Pass-thru Evidence Storage Lockers can help keep evidence protected, especially during this crucial time.


Protecting The Chain of Custody

Pass-through evidence lockers protect the chain of custody by limiting the number of places the evidence must travel before it is in the evidence and property room. By placing a pass-through evidence locker on a wall that connects the reports room to the evidence and property room, the officers who collect the items can quickly and easily place it where it needs to be. This eliminates the need to walk the evidence down a hall or pass it to someone else to deliver, which increases the chance that something will happen to it.

Storing Evidence in an Accessible Place

Pass-thru evidence storage lockers are easily accessible by those who are in charge of cataloging and permanently storing evidence. With features like wire gates on the property room side, which allow personnel to see inside to determine if the evidence is present, and carefully locking doors that only allow access when it is appropriate, pass-through evidence lockers make the evidence more accessible, but only to those who need to have access to it.

Secure Evidence Storage

Variety of Storage Options

In law enforcement, evidence can come in a wide range of sizes. It may be something small, like a hair or a blood sample, or it may be something large, like a rifle or article of clothing. Pass-through evidence lockers are not limited in size and shape. With the help of Patterson Pope, you can create a custom pass-thru evidence locker system that will hold evidence in all shapes and sizes.

After-hour Access

Pass-thru evidence storage lockers allow for evidence to be dropped off after hours, without the need to call in an evidence technician when one is not in the building. When investigations happen at night, this type of storage locker allows the officer to deliver it properly, without the need for someone else to be on the other side. The evidence will be ready and waiting, securely stored, when the technician comes in the following day.

If you need a more streamlined evidence delivery and storage system, consider a pass-through evidence locker. Patterson Pope is ready to assist you in creating a custom solution for your department’s specific needs.

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