Prescribe Modular Casework to Pharmacies that Require Flexibility

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

It’s a word we hear almost daily – “flexibility” – and most workplaces these days require it. No, not the flexibility to bend over and touch your toes, but the flexibility to change your work environment as your work needs change. Whether it’s a corporate office environment with free address seating or a military base that’s prepped for deployment at a moment’s notice, having a work space that can adapt to changing needs and demands is essential to workflow, long term investment and success. The pharmacy environment is as good an example as any of a workplace that is facing changes that make that buzzword – flexibility – key.

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We all know paper is becoming a thing of the past and healthcare records are going electronic. Managing patient information without the old manila folders is more efficient, secure and reliable. Many pharmacies are beginning to recognize that embracing technology provides a great opportunity to realize similar results including reduction of errors and a speedier dispensing process. Automation in the pharmacy can range from electronic pill counters and dispensers to robotics and voice recognition software. But as you can imagine, just like in any environment, the technology is constantly evolving.

modular casework

So how do you prepare for change, when you don’t know what is coming? You create a FLEXIBLE workspace. From the very early stages of the process, you can design flexibility into your pharmacy. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by introducing modular casework. Casework is a fantastic Rx for work areas, medication storage, carts and mobile islands, because it can be reconfigured over and over again. Unlike architectural millwork, every component is finished on all surfaces, and pin and cam construction allows you to disassemble and reassemble without any fancy tools and equipment. The added benefit of a lifetime warranty will put your mind at ease that casework will be a lasting storage solution as your space evolves.

As a pharmacy faces those inevitable changes in workflow and operations, flexibility is essential. Designing a space that can adapt to change is just plain smart.

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