Mail Center Furniture – because we still get mail

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

Every time I walk down to my mailbox and open it, I’m amazed that there’s always something in it. My bills are emailed to me, I look at websites instead of catalogs and most of the time when I order something online it comes via UPS. But without fail, every day something gets delivered to my mailbox.

Based on the changes I’ve made with my bills and such, it’s not as much mail as I used to get (thank goodness), but I always get something. I don’t think mailboxes are going anywhere anytime soon.

In a corporate environment, mail slots are just as much of a necessity as the mailbox at the end of my driveway. But much like my mailbox, it doesn’t see quite as much activity as it did five years ago. But everyone still needs a spot.

Adjustable Mail Sorter Shelves

Let’s look at a large department in a corporate office. Say there are 200 employees. Each of those employees needs a mail slot. Traditionally those mail slots were constructed of millwork and the slots had about a 3-4” center. A space even too big for the mail I get at home.

Patterson Pope can reduce the overall area needed for mail slots by installing Hamilton Sorter’s Mail Center Furniture units. The units have shelves that can be adjusted on 1” centers allowing us to reduce the overall space needed for mail slots by half, and usually even more. What’s even better is that we can incorporate cabinets overhead and below the mail sorter unit to maximize storage in the department.

The good ole mail service has been delivering mail since the days of horse and rider, and I guess it will continue into the space age. Good thing we have sorters to make sure that mail has a good place to land!


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