How to Make Your Mailroom More Efficient

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

While some may think that the mailroom has gone the way of the dinosaur thanks to text messaging and email, the fact remains that traditional “snail mail” is still the best, and only, way to send a three-dimensional object. As such, today’s businesses still need the convenience of a well-organized mail center and mailroom storage that is an efficient part of the office as a whole. Patterson Pope is here to make that happen with our modular cabinets and other mail center sorting and shelving options.

Keep It Central
Many companies have, historically, tucked the mailroom below the main operations, often in the basement or somewhere else out of the way. Yet the mailroom provides a vital service to the whole organization, and tucking it away inhibits efficiency.

With a well-organized mailroom that is aesthetically pleasing and well contained, you can improve efficiency by placing it in a central location. Employees can access their mailboxes, enjoying the convenience of a central hub for message delivery. Mail Center sorters and consoles keep things tidy and organized, so the mailroom is not a detriment to the overall look of the facility.

Create a Shipping and Receiving Center
The public facing portion of the mailroom is just one aspect of this important area. Businesses will also need to create a shipping and receiving area. In this area, shelving can house boxes, while modular bin storage and vertical dividers can house packaging materials. The shipping and receiving area should also have a trash and recycling area to make disposal of unneeded items efficient.

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Re-Think (and re-size) the Sorted Mail
In most companies, static horizontal shelves are the shelving of choice for mailboxes. While these may work well if everyone received the same amount and shape of mail, in a business that handles boxes and bulky items, it may not be the best option. Mail sorter modules with adjustable shelves are key to creating the right amount of space for each employee. Full width shelf labels make it easy to organize and visualize for both delivery and pick up.

Your company’s mailroom is still a vital part of your business culture, and we can help keep it aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Take the time to see how our modular cabinets can transform your mailroom.


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