Day Lockers – A place you can put your STUFF

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

People carry around a lot of STUFF. Not because we like to, but because we have to – we need it. Our STUFF can be a burden. So, more and more facilities are offering day lockers for users to temporarily store our STUFF.


Definition – Day lockers provide security for 1 cycle, or 1 person, and is then either manually or (preferably) automatically reset for the next person.

Application – They are ideal for facilities that accommodate transient staff, students, or guests that need to store their belongings for short periods of time – i.e. universities, libraries, municipal buildings, hospitals, sports & fitness centers, etc.

Lock Options – Most of us are familiar with combination locks. This style is not conducive for temporary use, because manually resetting the combination after each person would be cumbersome. There are a variety of lock options for you or your client to consider if they request day use lockers. Pay close attention to manufacturer recommendations. Not all locks are compatible with all locker fabrication materials, i.e. steel, wood and laminate.

  • Key – One key is designated to each locker. Keys can be stored in the locker and released when the proper coin or token is dispensed. Keys can also be distributed by a facility front desk. Facility owners run the risk of “lost keys.”
  • Digital – A user enters any combination of numbers on the keypad to activate the lock. When the combination is re-entered, the lock releases and resets. These locks are ideal in buildings that are not manned by a front desk. They are battery-operated, so it would be wise to post a number that someone can call if the battery dies, or the user forgets his or her pin.

Storage lockers

As technology advances, we will see new ways of securing day lockers. We might see more card access lockers on the horizon. Retinal or thumbprint security might not be too far off in the future either.

Let us know your challenge. We love to help your clients, and their visitors, store STUFF – even if it is temporary. 



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