The Never Ending Challenge Of Museum Storage

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

One of the biggest challenges that face museum administrators each day is finding adequate storage for ever-growing collections of valuable items such as art, artifacts and fossils. Museums are constantly adding new pieces to their galleries; however, the space of the building remains the same. The only way for museums to win the rolling battle is to explore more efficient storage options.

We understand the storage needs of the museum industry. In fact, we have been solving these problems for more than forty years. When it comes to space saving and safe storing, we have the perfect solutions.

Museum storage is much more than just finding a place to store things. These priceless items require the utmost protection while they are not on display. Valuable items, including timeless artifacts, textiles and fossils are safe and sound when stored in museum cabinets, wide span shelving or four-post shelving units with doors and drawers. Depending on the materials you are storing, look for flat files for drawings, textile racks or vertical, mobile, two-sided rack systems for framed art.

To store more of your collection in less space, high-density storage is the best way to keep museums on track. High density storage units dramatically maximize floor space. They also come in a variety of types, from electrical powered mobile shelving to mechanical assist mobile shelving as well as many other options – making it easy for museum facilitators to choose the perfect system for their storage needs.

Organization is also critical to a successfully functioning museum. Without a systematic method of storage, items will get lost or damaged. An organized museum environment also enables it to operate efficiently, reducing the time spent trying to locate a specific item.

It is important to remember that the job of storing items in museums is never really “done”. Museum storage is an ongoing process that needs consistent attention. That’s why we are always on the lookout for better ways to help you create a masterpiece of a storage system.

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