Compact Military Storage Solution Houses Gear at the Ready

By Stuffey | January 7, 2020

Growing up as an ARMY brat, any opportunity that comes through for a military storage project has always seemed to capture my attention. But this particular opportunity struck near and dear to my heart. My dad is a pilot for the Golden Knight Army Parachute team, and I was so excited to be able to make some sort of connection between what I do every day and what he has done for the past 25+ years. At Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, our customer needed a way to store uniformsdeployment gearboxesNVG’s, bins – really, I remember the list of requirements being quite intimidating. Nevertheless, we managed to pull together a huge win.

Two High-Density Military Storage Solutions

This may just be a coincidence, but this one hit my desk just a month after the 820th Base Defense Group (BDG) had celebrated the 20 year anniversary of being activated. The group was activated in 1997 as a fully trained force protection unit. Made up of a headquarters element, a combat operations squadron, and three operational squadrons, the BDG provides planning, training, equipping and preparation of many missions that can be tailored to meet each one’s need. Now, it was our turn to step up to the challenge and tailor a functional storage solution to meet their need.

Working in a large warehouse space is any storage facility designers’ dream. We had about a 90’ x 36’ space to work with, none going to waste. Bob Tyler, the storage and logistics specialist that secured the project, brought over a series of sketches, ideas, requirements that covered the entire space. A Center Island work surface with shelves and drawers below the laminate top provides an area to create kits and stage materials.

CRC Metal Flooring was the best route from a functionality standpoint. Constructed of 14 gauge steel and diamond plated pattern provides a great tread surface for an area that may stand a little heavier traffic. Spacesaver Heavy Duty Shelving and Rousseau Drawers with a 400lb weight capacity seemed to be a great fit for the wide range of items being stored, big and small. One design element that helps with functionality is acrylic bin fronts. Adding these helps to keep items on the shelf during carriage movement but also provides easy visibility into each shelf opening. Pentagon tambour doors with punched slats were added to shelving sections that required extra security. This series of slat provides the highest security, is lightweight, and compact and also provides visibility and air flow – often a necessity in military storage.

The finished result of a fully installed solution always completely blows me away. After receiving an email that photos were available, I immediately went looking through the archive – and what a surprise! Our marketing and graphics team custom designed these end panels –one of the best design touches.

Final thoughts: I would say we passed with flying colors – and to all our loyal customers at Moody Air Force Base, on behalf of all team members at Patterson Pope a big “Thank You” for your service!


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