Art Storage on Campus

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

As a student rushes through the university union to grab a coffee on his way to class, chances are he hasn’t even noticed the fine art on the walls all around him. He may not even have noticed that the art on the wall is different from what it was last quarter.

More and more universities are focused on turning their campuses into living museums. Everything on display throughout a university’s campus is all part of the university’s special collection. These pieces are generally either works commissioned by the university, gifts of fine art or commemorative works such as portraits of past presidents, deans, famous alums or donors.

All of this art has to be properly stored while it’s not on display. The interesting thing is that there often is not a centralized storage area for all the entire university’s collection. Throughout campus there are pockets of art storage scattered throughout back rooms and basements. An architect working on a redesign of the student union may unexpectedly find himself having to allocate and design a space to store the student life art collection.

Art Storage

Patterson Pope has a variety of art storage products such as temperature controlled cabinets, hanging art racks or custom storage units that can be used to store the collections while they are not on display. Maximizing these spaces and knowing what type of storage is needed is what we do best. We can help keep these collections stay organized and safe until they are ready to make their appearance again.

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