5 Benefits of Using Fire Station Lockers

By Stuffey | October 26, 2022

When a fire breaks out, every second counts. Firefighters need quick access to their turnout gear and other supplies to get out the door and jump into action. A well-designed fire station locker system can quite literally save lives by helping firefighters keep their gear clean, dry and accessible. 


In our 50+ years of experience helping organizations with their storage needs, we’ve learned how to help public safety officers, including firefighters and police officers, store their gear for maximum efficiency. Although every station is different, they all share a need for smart, secure and efficient storage.

The Two Best Ways to Use Lockers in the Fire Station 

In the fire station, lockers serve two primary functions: first, they serve as readiness stations, keeping firefighters’ turnout gear organized and ready to go for the next call. They also serve as personal storage for the firefighters, keeping their personal belongings safe in bunk rooms and locker rooms when they are on the job.

Gear and Readiness

Readiness – the ability to respond to a fire quickly and effectively – can save lives. Fighting fires requires extensive protective gear and equipment. Turnout gear can include helmets, gloves, pants, coats, hoods, boots and more. This gear is heavy and bulky, and it must be stored in a way that keeps it clean and allows it to dry between jobs. Having a readiness station with a well-designed, well-organized system for storing gear is essential.

Personal Storage

Fire stations also need lockers for personal storage. When not fighting fires, firefighters spend considerable time at the fire station – 24 hours a day when they’re on the job. Firefighters need a place to store their personal belongings, including street clothes, pajamas, toiletries, cell phone chargers and other everyday items – to keep the station organized and free of clutter. Fire stations benefit greatly from having lockers for personal storage in the bunk rooms or in locker rooms.


Top Five Benefits of Lockers in the Fire Station

1. Organization

Well-organized lockers can help firefighters get ready and out the door faster. They can keep the fire station neat and free of clutter to help keep firefighters safe.

2. Security

The ability to lock up personal belongings is *key* (pun intended) for keeping items secure. Lock options for fire station lockers include smart locks or traditional locks.

Smart Locks - Smart locks can either be hardwired to a power source or use battery power (in the case of wireless smart locks). Both types of smart locks will operate on the fire station’s WiFi network and offer an additional layer of security compared to traditional locks.

Traditional Locks - Some fire stations prefer to use traditional locks on their lockers because they’re easier to install and less expensive than smart locks. The three main types of traditional locks are:

  • keyed
  • combination
  • hasp

3. Customization

One benefit of fire station lockers is the ability to customize them to meet the unique needs of the fire station. 

Accessories - A firefighter locker organizer can be customized with a variety of accessories to meet the specific storage needs of the station, including:

  • Door-mounted document holders
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Hook brackets
  • Internal drawers (locking or non-locking)
  • Plug-and-play electrical components to power chargers, laptops and other devices within the lockers

Size - Fire station lockers can be made in any size to fit the space restrictions and storage capacity needs of the fire station.

Materials - Finally, fire station lockers can be made in a variety of materials, depending on the station’s budget and needs. While most fire stations choose steel lockers for their durability and cleanliness, options also include other metals, wood or laminate.


4. Accessibility

As we’ve discussed, accessibility of their gear is key for firefighters because it allows them to respond more quickly and efficiently. A key benefit of fire station lockers is keeping turnout gear organized and accessible, so firefighters don’t have to waste critical time.

5. Cleanliness

The gear used by firefighters gets a lot of heavy, frequent use. It’s important that the way firefighters store their gear allows it to dry out between uses so that it stays free of mold, mildew, or bacteria. 

Ventilation - Properly designed fire station lockers allow for needed ventilation by keeping gear separated and positioned away from the back panel for maximum air flow. The front of fire station lockers are usually fitted with slats or diamond perforations for natural circulation and ventilation.

Lockers in the fire station can also be designed with built-in air baffles: adjustable vents that enable the lockers to be balanced for air circulation after installation. Louvered shelves or ventilation racks can also help with drying turnout gear and other equipment. 

It’s even possible to incorporate exhaust extraction into the locker, integrating the locker bank with the building’s HVAC system, to keep the gear from accumulating unwanted odors.

Easy-to-Clean Materials - The materials used to create fire station lockers can also help to keep them clean. Copper and its alloys have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Phenolic panels make for solid, non-porous lockers that withstand harsh disinfectants.

These easy-to-clean materials mean that firefighters can spend less time cleaning and maintaining their spaces and more time training, educating and fighting fires.


Explore More Fire Station Locker Options

Steel Lockers

Patterson Pope offers durable steel fire station locker systems in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Options range from smaller cubicle, personal-size options to traditional floor-to-ceiling school-locker-sizes.

Smart Lockers

Our smart lockers are a future-proof investment designed with users in mind. Wired, wireless, and smart app locks and lockers provide a user-friendly experience.

Modular Laminate Lockers

With our modular laminate lockers, as your storage needs change, your storage system can change with you. Modular lockers are an elegant, adaptable and long-term solution to your fire station storage requirements.


At Patterson Pope, we’re passionate about finding better storage solutions that make life – and work – easier. We know that in public safety, well-designed storage solutions can literally save lives. The benefits of lockers in the fire station include more efficient organization, enhanced security, greater accessibility and cleanliness and customization that can improve life at the firehouse for our first responders.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing fire station lockers or build a custom solution for a new space, we’re here to help. Learn more about your options for fire station lockers today.

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