Why Choose Mobile Storage Shelving Over Standard Static Shelving?

By Stuffey | March 22, 2022

In your business, there are likely distinct items of which an outsider might say, “one or the other, what’s the big deal?” They aren’t aware of the different values of each. We run into that too with shelving. That’s why we wanted to answer a common question: why choose mobile storage shelving over standard static shelving? Read on for the answer.


To begin, let’s establish the key differences between standard static shelving and mobile storage shelves.

Standard static shelving such as Spacesaver’s commercial-grade compact shelving systems is installed in thousands of offices and institutions all over the world. Static shelving systems are easy to install, reconfigure and expand to accommodate changing needs. This durable shelving comes in a range of styles including 4-post, case-type, high bay or wide span and more. For all, you can attach pull-outs, bins, doors and more.

Then, there’s mobile storage shelving systems. Also known as high-density shelving, this is a system that sees us installing rails to move wheeled carriages from side to side in your space. Removing fixed aisles that take up a set amount of space, mobile storage shelves compact your shelving in a smaller footprint.

You might even put static shelving on a wheeled carriage system to free up more floor space and regain room for more productive uses. That leads us to the first of many reasons to choose mobile storage shelving.

Powered Mobile Shelving in Office

#1 Space savings

Regardless of the size, shape or weight of your stuff, a mobile storage system can store it in less floor space. Fewer fixed aisles can save up to 50% of your square footage! We’ve seen mobile storage provide increased productive spaces  in offices, hospitals, banks, libraries, schools, museums, public safety departments, archives, warehouses, laboratories, government agencies and military bases and more. Check out some examples:

Being able to come into the area with new shelving…allowed us to place everything exactly where we want it to be. And, we have room to grow.” — Jim Holmberg, Curator of Collections, Filson Historical Society

Mobile Shelving in Museum

#2 New opportunities

Another way to see the benefits of mobile storage shelving is to imagine what can be done with that repurposed space! With the ability to move aisles and create additional capacity in less square footage, you can create new areas for other productive uses. Consider these creative solutions:

  •       Georgia State’s Law Library took advantage of mobile storage shelving space savings to create more seating areas for students. The high-density shelving allowed the library to preserve outer areas, near the windows, for study and collaborative space.
  •       The State of Florida’s Bureau of Archaeological Research (BAR) Collections added several years’ worth of expandability with a 10-foot-tall shelving system boasting 36 collapsible aisles that easily accommodate a wide array of different sized boxes.
  •       Clayton State University freed up room for 400 more seats by replacing static shelving with cantilever shelving on a series of 39-foot-long high-density shelves. 
  •       Florida State University in Tallahassee tailored its mobile shelving solution to better use vertical space and was able to add 35% more storage for its football team equipment.

“I cannot impress enough upon you just how much the added space means to us…The new compact shelving literally gives us more room to do what we love.” — Marie Prentice, Senior Archaeologist, Bureau of Archaeological Research



#3 Security Options

Installing mobile shelving systems also provides options for added security. Unlike static shelving, you can install optional hub locks to prevent unauthorized access. With this feature, the movable aisles are locked in place to add an additional layer of security.

  •       IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL, installed lockable mobile shelving to double its storage capacity while providing specific places for hanging items, shoes, helmets, balls, and other sport-specific equipment.
  •       The Mount Pleasant Police Department secures evidence and other items with powered high-density mobile storage with twice as much square footage in which to work.
  •       BakerHostetler in Ohio upgraded to high density shelving to ensure adequate storage and security for the law firm’s attorney files and records.

You can lock it down, which adds an additional layer of security. Its been an amazing improvement.” — Cortez Robinson, Equipment Manager, IMG Academy


#4 Versatility

Even if you’re particularly attached to your standard static shelving, you can still benefit from mobile storage systems. After all, the two work well together. We’ve had many installations where we’ve repurposed static shelving by placing it on the movable carriages.

  •       Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University enjoys both visual appeal and functional performance with high-density units and accompanying shelving unifying the Hunt library space while also delivering exceptional expandability.
  •       Cincinnati Museum Center repurposed existing shelving to outfit newly redesigned areas; they added space and saved money.

I think one of the biggest reasons we ended up working with Patterson Pope is because they were really interested in making sure that the systems we had that werent functional for us could be re-purposed. In addition, they were able to supply new systems that enhanced what we already had.” Jennifer Jensen, Registrar, Cincinnati Museum Center

Georgia-State-Law-Library-Powered Mobile


Find your solution

Just as every shelving solution has its unique attributes, your storage needs are specific to your organization. Understanding why you might choose mobile storage shelving over standard static shelving can help you customize your space without having to find or construct a new building.

Patterson Pope can help. Take it from Gordon Baker, Clayton State Universitys dean of libraries: “Working with Patterson Pope was so simple. They’ll help you plan… they’ll put it in place… and they’ll make sure that it works smoothly.”

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