Updating Your Police Locker Room for New and Changing Needs

By Stuffey | May 5, 2022

When police officers put on their uniforms, they step up to play a critical role in public safety. That’s why you can’t undervalue the importance of the police locker room where personnel makes the transition from being off duty. Storage lockers support peace of mind when on duty.

Every precinct is different, of course. Yet, in our extensive experience with law enforcement storage installations, we’ve noticed some standard requirements. Whether it's renovations or new construction, police want their Locker Rooms to:

  •       Make the best use of available space
  •       Keep personal gear organized and secure
  •       Provide strong, durable, high-quality personal storage
  •       Adapt to meet changing demands

The station is the police officer’s second home. Focusing on the job at hand is easier when officers are confident their personal items and professional gear are secure.


Start By Identifying Your Storage Needs

Selecting the right storage for a police locker room begins with identifying your priorities. There are many features available to consider, all of which can benefit convenience, accessibility, organization and security.

Police lockers need to be versatile to accommodate the changing needs of officers. Interchangeable locker components such as document holders, shelves, drawers, lockboxes and hanging hooks can let employees personalize their lockers to meet individual needs. One locker can offer hundreds of possibilities with all the options available.

Ventilation is often at the top of the list of considerations in selecting personal lockers. Heavy-duty police lockers can include:

  •       Diamond perforated doors offer visibility and air circulation
  •       Clothing separation hangers for better drying
  •       Louvered shelving for enhanced ventilation
  •       Doors with louvers to help direct air

You might also add HVAC extraction mechanicals or built-in air baffles to promote circulation throughout the lockers.

Power Outlet in Lockers

With technology needs today, connectivity matters too. The FreeStyle locker can come equipped with charging ports to facilitate officers powering gear such as flashlights and laptops. Or let officers report to duty knowing that their personal devices will be charged when they get off shift.

Lockers That Suit Your Space

An outdated police locker room can’t always accommodate the growing needs of your department. Body armor and other modern equipment needs fresh storage solutions. Completely customizable sizing, bench drawers and flat drying trays better preserve gear integrity.

Even when new lockers aren’t in the budget, Patterson Pope can work with you to retrofit your existing lockers. Two-tier lockers allow for an increase in the number of lockers in the same footprint while still retaining necessary ADA clearances.

Pull-out Locker Bench Seat

Today’s lockers can also be outfitted with breadboard bench drawers. Extending across the entire bank of lockers, these benches allow you to adapt to an increase in personnel while still providing ample room to sit. Another option? Retractable breadboard seating which can reduce the depth of each locker by 12 inches.

We never realized how important the storage components would be and what a difference a good system makes.” — Franklin Police Department Sgt. David Prather

 Lockers Meet More Than Storage Needs

The investment in appealing and space-saving police lockers offers advantages in this tough time for recruiting and retaining officers.

There is a shortage of workers in almost every industry currently. Law enforcement has the additional hurdle that officers are putting their lives at risk. Plus, public sentiment is not always positive right now.

Making the locker room an appealing space can make a difference. Impressing new recruits is easier when they see your department values comfort and convenience for its officers. Retaining skilled officers is also more likely when your leadership can demonstrate that the physical work environment is a priority.

Police Personal Storage Lockers

Don’t underestimate the value of an updated locker room. The right storage installation means more space to maneuver. Locker features also make things more accessible and secure. Not to mention less stinky! All of that can encourage your personnel to spend more time using equipment and locker rooms. Creating a calm space where people can unwind can help you build a shared culture and open communication among officers.

Celebrate your department by customizing your locker room with shields, logos, crests, or other graphics making the locker room truly unique. After all, feeling better about being at work boosts morale too.

 Find the right fit for your locker room

An overcrowded or unorganized locker room can add stress to an already taxing job. Customize your law enforcement locker room to help officers feel appreciated and improve comfort and organization.

Patterson Pope installs FreeStyle Personal Storage Lockers with a wide variety of accessories and finishes to make the most of any police locker room, even the most awkwardly laid out. Varying heights let you take better advantage of vertical space as well. Find out more from our police locker room experts today.

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