University Lockers Help Campus Community Feel at Home

By Stuffey | January 5, 2020

In popular culture, lockers are associated with middle school kids congregating there, catching up on the latest. Or a high school bully smashing someone into a locker at least once daily. Yet these Hollywood depictions are missing the great utility of university lockers. Don’t worry, this article doesn’t make that same mistake.


Consider a typical day for a college student. Their residence hall is on the outskirts of campus, so they leave their room with everything they need in a backpack or messenger bag. This can include a laptop, expensive and heavy textbooks, clothing layers for cold classrooms, and more. An athlete may add in snacks and sports equipment or an arts student may have supplies or an instrument. All this for just one day of non-stop activity on campus before they return, exhausted, to their dorm rooms to get some studying done.

Faculty also have to cart around laptops and textbooks. They may want to work out on campus between classes. And with a growing number of universities relying on part-timers to teach, there are many more instructors without a dedicated office space where they can offload some of their stuff. They may be given a key to the adjunct instructors’ office, but that’s a closet-like room shared with dozens of other strangers.

Day-use lockers give university and college students, faculty and staff secure storage for their belongings while they’re in the library, classroom, lab, gym or anywhere else on campus.

Download-Storage-101University Lockers Add Versatility

University lockers are not new on campuses, especially those that are particularly sprawling or that have a number of commuter students. Yet, offering lockers for semester or year-long rental is not the most efficient use of campus space. The convenience of day-use lockers in this environment can’t be matched.

Instead of having to add more lockers to meet student, staff and faculty demand, the university can make lockers more available on a temporary basis. The lockers remain secure, as they can be locked with digital, combination, key or coin locks and even RFID scanning of university identification cards.

1266AN03ADSchools often celebrate their branding and logos when deciding on locker installation design. At the same time, even the most traditional of locker set-ups can fit into a campus aesthetic as the day-use locker doors are available in powder-coated steel in a range of colors and durable high-pressure laminate finishes.

Attractive university lockers offering users and visitors an opportunity to store their stuff for a long day on campus, can also provide additional benefits:

  • proper ventilation helps wet coats get dry for the journey home
  • refrigerated lockers can be integrated by Health and Wellness centers for students with medicine needs throughout the day
  • installing power outlets and USB charging is a big help too

Enhance the interior design of learning environments and staff and faculty offices with university lockers installed on unused space. Or design a locker wall to serve as a partition in an open space or an island that people can work around when collaborating as a team

Lockers & Campus Life

There are many applications for university lockers in the campus setting. These flexible day-use lockers can make life easier for the campus community in so many ways:

  • Students in a particular discipline can enjoy greater convenience with a locker of their own on class days in that dedicated building.
  • Music students get somewhere to store their instruments and sheet music while in other classes.
  • Students at a club meeting or activity have somewhere in the student center to stow their stuff.
  • Campus gallery or museum visitors enjoy a place to put their belongings, and curators don’t have to worry about sculptures getting dinged by 30-pound backpacks.
  • Libraries can keep collections secure by making lockers available.
  • Gym and recreation areas will be more inviting to students and staff who can store items away while they workout.
  • Testing is more secure with day lockers outside the venues to prevent students bringing in electronic devices.
  • Lab environments are safer without book bags and other belongings getting in the way, and students don’t have to worry about stray chemicals spilling on their stuff.
  • Visual arts students can keep projects they’re working on secure in the studio instead of having to lug fragile works in progress around campus.

University lockers provide secure storage options for everyone. With the option of storing stuff away safely while on campus, students focus on learning, teachers give all of their effort to teaching, and staff are able to provide the best support to the university or college community.

Day-use university lockers make a big impact and can be configured to be fit most any situation. Request a free site survey from one of our solutions experts today.

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