Understanding Architectural Details: Storage Solutions

By Stuffey | January 3, 2020

Design is all about understanding architectural details and how they will impact the project’s end users. It’s a lot for architects to keep in mind. Plus, they seldom get enough time with the people using the building to gauge the relative importance of each detail. 

At Patterson Pope, we spend our days improving the way people do their work and feel about their jobs by paying attention to the storage details. Storage may not be where your passion lies, but it makes a big difference on the end users’ ultimate experience of your design.

This Designing Storage for Clients: 5 Things to Know white paper outlines top considerations for architects making decisions about storage in their designs. Our expert team shares insights into the importance of storage solutions in designing for:

  • Workflow
  • Security
  • Organization
  • Flexibility
  • Vertical Space


Simplify Your Storage Design

Don’t get bogged down in understanding architectural details that are out of your area of expertise. Patterson Pope has nearly fifty years of experience designing storage solutions for industry, education, healthcare, museum, public safety, athletics, library clients and more.

Stuff happens. Your end users are always going to have equipment, documentation, and other things they need to store. We have the background in storage best practices to save space and customize a cost-effective solution. This can mean more room and budget for the unique architectural flourishes you want to add to your distinct design! Consult with our storage design experts to take the complicated and make it simple.

Get started simplifying your storage details. Download the paper today!


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