Top Five Uses for Modular Casework on Campus

By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

If you spend time on any college campus, you’ll see plenty of custom millwork. But, that may be changing. Enter Modular Casework. Modular casework has the custom flexibility of millwork (no 3” increment rule here) with the durability and warranty of a manufactured product. It’s a perfect fit for the high use, high traffic environment of a college campus.

Here are five uses for Patterson Pope’s Modular Casework on a University Campus:

  1. Reception Desks
    Student life, residence halls, academic offices, libraries… just about every department has one. We have the ability to create a custom desk that provides maximum functionality and meets the design goals of the space.
  2. Learning Labs
    The casework in these spaces needs to hold up and a traditional millwork isn’t going to cut it (unless you want to replace it in five years). With no exposed plywood you’re protected against boards swelling and weeping from water penetration and our lifetime warranty keeps you protected from delamination.
  3. Mailrooms
    This is another one you see in just about every department. I truly believe that when it comes to mailrooms and mail sorters, we have the best solution in the business. Using aluminum extruded frames around tables and carts protects them in the busy mailroom environment. The plastic adjustable shelves on the mail sorters ensure that you’re not stuck with one configuration when things change.
  4. Day Use Lockers
    What student wants to lug all of their books around for the entire day? Day use lockers allow students a space to stow their items without having to provide a designated locker for each student. The keypad resets after every use and the laminate finish creates a furniture look that will complement any community space.
  5. Student Health Center
    A staple on every campus, they are full of everything you see in a typical health center – reception desks, nurse stations and exam rooms. All perfect applications for modular casework due to the high use environment and need to protect against infection control.

modular casework

There are numerous reasons why modular casework is often a better solution than millwork. It installs much faster (typically half the install time), it is easily moved and reconfigured (ever try that with millwork?), it is much more easily repaired (casework components are engineered to dis-assemble and reattach) and it is depreciable (modular casework is treated like furniture and depreciates on a seven year schedule.) And these reasons only tell part of the story. Perhaps that is why modular casework is showing up more often and in more places on college campuses. Move over millwork – modular casework is here to stay!


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