Six reasons to consider Modular Casework before Millwork

By Stuffey | January 10, 2020

Last week we provided a definition of Modular Casework. Today we’ll give you six reasons to consider it in your next interior design project:

  1. It’s factory produced – The manufacturing of Modular Casework takes place in a controlled environment with computer generated machinery that can make precision cuts and guarantee measurements.
  2. It’s quickly installed – Modular Casework ships in modules that are ready to install, cutting the installation time to about half that of millwork.
  3. It’s reconfigurable – Unless there are seismic concerns, Modular Casework is not actually bolted to the wall or floors.  The base cabinets are leveled and ganged together.  The upper wall cabinets are fastened to a zip rail.  The modules do not have to be damaged or disassembled in order to reconfigure or relocate – making it very easy to reuse when needs change.
  4. It’s repairable – Doors, drawers, hinges, and end panels are much easier to repair than traditional millwork, because Modular Casework components are engineered to disassemble and reattach.
  5. It’s depreciable – Modular Casework is treated like furniture and depreciates on a seven year schedule (as opposed to millwork, which is classified as permanent construction and requires 39 years to depreciate.)
  6. It’s specifiable – Drawing millwork is a tedious, time consuming task.  But Modular Casework can be drawn in software by a local representative.  Or, with BIM software, it is simple to drag and drop your options into a space with ease, assuring that you get the design you intend.

Speaking of BIM, you can get your Hamilton Sorter Modular Casework Revit models here. Go Here to learn more about modular casework cabinet systems.

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