Protect and Store: Police Uniform Lockers

By Stuffey | January 5, 2024

Readiness is a crucial aspect of any police officer’s job. Police departments are dynamic and demanding environments. Often, the work these individuals do is of life and death importance. One thing they require in return? Somewhere to safely secure their stuff, such as customized police uniform lockers.

Lockers may not be the most important aspect of a Police Officer’s day, but they’re still vital. Properly equipped and organized lockers are designed to offer the following: 
  • Quick access to equipment
  • Proper ventilation to help dry uniforms and reduce odors
  • Charging capabilities for electronics
  • Additional security for personal valuables


Lockers that Back the Badge

Made from rugged, durable steel, our lockers are built to survive door slams and heavy use, while still providing lasting value. In fact, the double-wall doors can withstand 280 pounds of force without compromise.

Our lockers can adapt according to each officer’s needs. The interior can be custom configured with locker shelves, bins, internal compartments, drawers, and a variety of other accessories. Lockers can also include organized sections, each with a separate lock, providing additional security for personal valuables.

Customization options also include:

  • Door-mounted document holders
  • Modular shelving
  • Internal drawers
  • Weapon storage rails
  • Ventilation racks
  • Multiple lock options (including pad, key, or combination locks)

Smaller lockers are available for facilities that want to maximize space with duty bag lockers that can be cleared out at the end of each shift. 

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Police Uniform Lockers in Action

When the Franklin Police Department in Tennessee moved into a new building, they upgraded their facilities with specialized storage lockers. Their new lockers featured built-in ventilation systems that helped to dry out officer gear and eliminate odors. Franklin also added 36 turnout gear lockers to help their SWAT team deploy quickly and safely. 

“Our facility is now recognized as a model police headquarters, and Patterson Pope had a lot to do with that,” said Sgt. David Prather. “We never realized how important the storage components would be and what a difference a good system makes.”


Smooth Sailing for Police Storage

Lockers aren’t the most important part of a police officer’s day. But the little things can make a big difference, especially for those who serve and protect us. A well-organized police locker can contribute to an officer’s peace of mind and allow them to focus wholly on serving the community.

Ready to enhance the daily workflow of your law enforcement team? Connect with a Patterson Pope Storage expert today. We’ll let you protect, rescue, and serve the community while we focus on doing the same for your stuff. 

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