Maximizing Storage with Space Saver Bookshelves

By Stuffey | June 17, 2024

Efficient space utilization is more crucial than ever for today’s libraries. While books remain a significant draw, libraries also host events, technology centers, maker spaces, and more. As collections grow and the demand for collaborative spaces increases, libraries must adapt to accommodate diverse needs. Flexibility and adaptability are central to creating collaborative spaces and enabling libraries to effectively meet their patron’s changing needs.

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That’s where space saver bookshelves come in. Whether through high-density or cantilever shelving, these solutions maximize storage in the same footprint, without requiring expensive renovations or expansions.

The Advantages of Space Saver Bookshelves

Increased Storage Capacity

High-density space saver bookshelves free up valuable floor space by eliminating the need for multiple fixed aisles, making room for learning spaces or communal areas. Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Storage Systems eliminate all but one movable aisle, typically saving 50% of your floor space for other practical uses.


Easier Access to Collections

High-density space saver bookshelves improve the organization of library materials and enhance accessibility through movable aisles. Compact library book shelving allows you to store virtually any item — from books and multimedia materials to archival boxes and oversized objects — in just half the space of static shelving. Their intuitive and easy-to-use design makes space saver bookshelves ideal for all kinds of library areas, from archival storage to public access.

Flexibility and Adaptability

You can tailor space saver bookshelves to meet your library's needs, whether for books, archives, or multimedia. For instance, Spacesaver High-Density Mobile Systems' versatility enables mounting virtually any storage on mobile carriages, including existing shelves and cabinets. Additionally, Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving offers a full range of storage accessories and options to meet various needs and accommodate different media formats.


Space saver bookshelves are easily assembled, disassembled, and reassembled to adapt to mobile and stationary storage applications. And, by allowing for convenient reconfiguration, relocation, or expansion, these systems help future-proof your library amid changing collection and user needs.

Customizable Options for Different Needs

Space saver bookshelves provide flexible storage solutions, creating more space for public libraries, academic libraries, and special collections.

High-Density Mobile Shelving

High-density mobile shelving offers numerous benefits and customization options. There are three types of systems: manual, mechanical-assist, and electric-powered.

  • Manual: Ideal for smaller, low-activity, limited-access storage areas.
  • Mechanical-Assist: Perfect for midsize, frequent-use applications, heavier storage material, longer carriage lengths, and greater system scopes.
  • Electric-Powered: Designed for more active and substantial systems, providing advanced safety for users and materials and offering maximum storage densities. 


The system's versatility allows for mounting virtually any type of filing or storage equipment on the carriages. Additionally, a wide range of styles, colors, and configurations provide virtually limitless design options.

Cantilever Shelving Systems

Cantilever shelving systems offer virtually unlimited design options. Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving Systems come in a wide range of colors, end panel materials, and finishes to complement and match any décor. Numerous options and accessories are available to customize both the appearance and function of the cantilever library shelving. Customizable end panels can enhance your library’s interior design.


Elevate Your Library with Space Saver Bookshelves

Space saver bookshelves are a transformative solution for modern libraries, offering improved storage capacity, increased access, and enhanced flexibility. Customization allows libraries to meet specific needs and adapt to future changes effectively. To learn how to transform your library with these innovative solutions, contact a representative from Patterson Pope today.


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