Is Your Museum Storage VISIBLE?

By Stuffey | January 9, 2020

When the Museum of Art and Sciences in Daytona Beach, Florida made the move to add a new wing to their existing museum, they called in the stuff experts from Patterson Pope to help. Why? Well, (a) this gallery was a little different than your norm, and (b) we know museum storage. Introducing the Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building! Unique to the State of Florida, this 4,400 square foot wing contains art and artifacts from the Arts in the Age of Napoleon Collection, one of the richest Napoleonic collections in the South. Also on exhibition in the gallery is furniture from the museum’s American and European collections. And what makes this all so unique is the storage (believe it or not!). The collections are displayed in a glass fronted open museum storage format. Because we are used to working in the back of house, we couldn’t wait to test our museum storage skills in an area that would be highlighted on a daily basis. Armed with a limited budget, we got creative. We used local manufacturers, reused existing equipment and incorporated new wide span shelving, textile racks, added casters to flat files – you name it. We gave everything a paint job to match it up (the beauty of using steel product – repaint and reuse) and VOILA! ~ The Visible Storage Building was ready for patrons. In some cases, seeing is believing, and there is plenty to see at the Helene B. Roberson Visible Storage Building! But if you can’t make it to Daytona we have photos of this beautiful museum storage system over to the left.

For more information on this unique storage solution visit Spacesaver’s Cool Install Gallery here.

If you would like more information on museum storage, you can check out the Virginia Natural History Museum’s story here.


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