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By Stuffey | January 8, 2020

In the world of healthcare storage, you occasionally encounter a challenge that is unique – so unique that no matter how far and wide you search, you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. At this point, you have a few options: keep looking, wing it, or give us a call. We like to think that choosing the latter is the wise choice, because we’ve pretty much seen it all. And if we haven’t, we have the resources to build it for you.

Healthcare facilities have offered several opportunities for creative solutions. Here are some examples of how Patterson Pope took an architect’s idea and turned it into a reality.

Isolation Gown Storage Bins:
As you probably know, Medicare and Medicaid are no longer paying for hospital inquired infections. This and reducing the length of patient stay has amped up the precautions that facilities are taking to protect patients. Isolation Gowns are now everywhere in the facility. They need to be readily accessible and available to both healthcare workers and visitors. In order to be green, reusable isolation gowns (used, shipped out, laundered and returned) are a popular choice. The problem with these gowns is that the slippery material makes them hard to fold, roll or store on a shelf.

Enter the Isolation Gown Storage Bin. Designed to integrate into the existing casework, Patterson Pope produced this unit for ease of access and availability. The bins were constructed of a High-Density Polypropylene and Plexiglas material (non-porous, easy to clean). Overhead cabinets were placed inside the current millwork without damaging the integrity of the cabinet – allowing the facility to remove and move the overhead bins at their discretion. The drawer units used existing holes inside the millwork to anchor drawer slides for ease of access.

The Isolation Gown Storage Bins – a smart way to deal the growing need of reusable gown accessibility.

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Isolation Station:
When it comes to Personal Protection Equipment, healthcare workers need to have access to more than just isolation gowns. Masks, respirators and gloves have to be readily available so that staff isn’t spending time searching for them when they need them. Typically, these items are stored on open wire shelving, or on carts scattered throughout the facility. However, more facilities are standardizing their storage methods and now place these items at the point of need.

The Isolation Station is a built in storage unit that is easily installed into existing or new facilities. The back panel of the unit is a slat wall that comes with stainless steel accessories. The laminate doors are sealed on all sides for infection control and to conceal the supplies for protection from theft. The bottom door folds down to act as a work surface and is reinforced with heavy duty hinges for durability and support.

Patterson Pope’s Isolation Station helps to decentralize PPE while meeting the facility’s aesthetic and design standards.

Pass-through Endoscopy Cabinets:
Anything that reduces turnover time for procedure rooms is a win for a medical facility. Next to cleaning the room, the most time spent is restocking the room with supplies. Patterson Pope’s pass-through scope cabinet allows staff to stage scopes for the next procedure without having to run in and out of each room. The tall cabinets allow the scope to hang freely without worry of damage and the stainless steel cabinet construction with louvered doors help promote air circulation.

These Pass-Through Endoscopy Cabinets help reduce procedure room turn over time and put items at the point of need.

As noted earlier, we encounter a lot of storage challenges that require a unique and creative approach. But that is a good thing! We get to put our knowledge and experience to the test, work closely with clients, architects and our manufacturing partners to come up with the right solution – and one that may not have even existed.

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