Get Smart: P2 Smart Storage

By Stuffey | April 9, 2020

In the 1960’s comedy TV series, “Get Smart”, Maxwell Smart (Agent 86) and Agent 99 (her real name was never disclosed) work for CONTROL, a secret counterintelligence agency. Along with their trusty dog Fang, several other agents and “the Chief”, they thwart nefarious plots being carried out by KAOS, an international organization of evil. If you haven’t seen the show, Google it and enjoy. 60’s humor for sure, but classic!

So, what does this have to do with us, and more importantly…you? Would you believe that Patterson Pope has also been working to CONTROL organizational CHAOS for over 50 years? It’s true! Solving the chaotic problems that stuff creates has been our mission. And as buildings and spaces have gotten smarter, the nature of the CHAOS has evolved, and so has our mission. In our case, it was not counterintelligence, but storage intelligence that led to P2 Smart.

It Requires More Than Smart Tech to Achieve Smart Spaces

As buildings are becoming “smart”, there still needs to be a way to connect the building’s systems and services with the people who work, study or live there. Smart storage solutions provide that connection. From offices to residential buildings to university campuses, smart storage is the key for enabling the physical environment to adapt to the needs of its users, and not the other way around.

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Temporary-use lockers and package lockers address productivity, security and innovation challenges. They fit in with the overall aesthetic of the design – in some cases, they are hidden like the phone in Max’s shoe! The result of this connection of storage and space is that the people who experience it have a safe place to store their personal and professional belongings – seamlessly.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Smart Storage

Agent Smart and the CONTROL team use slick spy gear, plenty of gadgets and cool cars to take on KAOS. In similar fashion, our approach to chaos-halting smart lockers includes three primary components: expertise, installation/project management and custom design.

With this approach, we take our knowledge of evolving storage trends and combine it with the purpose of the space and the needs of the people who interact with the space, to create the smart storage solution. This custom solution will be designed to address existing and future needs. From there, we bring the project to life, managing it the whole way through, and our relationship continues well past the day the installation is completed.

Want to know more? Check out the brochure below. You’ll learn how we are making spaces smart. P2 Smart!

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