Electronics Lockers Offer Safety and Convenience in the Digital Age

By Stuffey | October 18, 2022

Digital devices are everywhere. In fact, it’s estimated that the number of devices connected to the Internet outnumbers the number of people on the planet by roughly three to one. Yet, as much as we might want to, we can’t always have our devices with us. Electronics lockers can help provide peace of mind when people need to store their smartphones, laptops, tablets or other tech.


Personal electronics are key to maintaining our relationships with family and friends. At work, our devices offer us enhanced productivity, improved collaboration, greater transparency and so much more.

Yet, businesses need to protect their investments in technology. Plus, they must secure the devices to avoid costly data breaches. Cybercriminals, after all, don’t distinguish between small or large companies or focus only on one business type. They are motivated to steal and compromise any tech that gets them access to personal identification information, proprietary data or corporate secrets.

Good news: storage solution manufacturers have gone digital too. They understand the need for convenience and enhanced safety and have developed smart lockers to secure electronics and other personal items.


Advantages of Electronics Lockers

Your business technology is expensive. You want to keep it safe and protect it from wear and tear too. Setting up smart lockers for electronics storage can meet your needs while providing employees with easy access.

Lockers can be configured for an individual user. Depending on the style you choose, your staff could even open smart lockers using an employee security badge or their own mobile devices.

Your business might also program the lockers for multiple users to collect and drop off electronics. This helps when your organization is taking a hybrid approach to coming into the office. Making it possible for people to exchange devices without having to meet in person can also reduce the number of staff needed for in-person processing of technology. Plus, you can expand the availability of technology beyond business hours.


Smart lockers also offer many of the advantages you enjoy with the technology you’re storing. Today’s modern lockers can wirelessly connect with other technology in your space to streamline operations. Another benefit is the ability to track who is using the lockers and when. You might use data to understand what devices are in high demand or break usage down by department to target future tech buying decisions.

Tracking electronics locker use also makes it easier for a company to determine how devices were damaged or who last had a now missing laptop or handheld scanner.


Features to Look for in Electronics Lockers

When planning a smart locker installation for storing electronics, there are three main features to consider: charging ports, proper ventilation and secure locking.

Selecting electronics lockers that have built-in charging ports adds convenience for your end user. Employees will be able to count on retrieving fully charged equipment from that locker for their next use. Even when users are stowing their personal devices, they’ll appreciate taking out fully powered electronics to enjoy on their break or way home.

That electrical current, though, means the lockers can heat up. Be sure to select smart lockers built with the proper ventilation to prevent overheating. You’ll also want to ensure the electronics lockers use materials that will help keep moisture away from valuable laptops, tablets, cell phones and other electronics. You might build in an air baffle to help air circulation in the lockers.

Secure locking options are critical too. Smart lockers come with wired or wireless locking systems. With the Metra Smart Locking System, you can have wired assigned-use, unassigned lockers or a mix of both. Yellowbox and Ojmar wireless smart locking systems unlock with the use of RFID cards or smart apps.



Customize your Electronics Lockers

Of course, convenience and security aren’t your only concern with electronics lockers. You’ll also want the lockers to suit your environment and withstand daily use. Fortunately, it’s easy to design and build a smart lockers system that suits your particular needs.

These lockers come in a variety of sizes and materials to integrate into just about any environment. With a variety of custom graphics, finishes and install configurations to choose from, you can make smart lockers blend in or stand out. You might make a locker wall or use them to create an island where your teams can meet to collaborate.

Choose from environmentally friendly laminate lockers for long-lasting designs or add texture with a natural material such as bamboo. Steel lockers also continue to offer strength and durability while the smart locking system helps future-proof your investment in this electronics storage solution.

As with traditional lockers, smart locker costs will vary based on the size of the system, types of materials used, locking system and other accessory and feature choices you make. Still, Patterson Pope’s experts are here to help. Get in touch with your local representative to learn more about electronic lockers and where they can work for you.

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