A Surefire Military Storage Solution

By Stuffey | January 30, 2020

The weapons of war are mighty and deserve to be treated with respect. Certainly, this is true when they’re being used on the battlefield, but it is also true when they are being stored. As the years have passed, the complexity of these weapons has evolved. So too has the dedication shown to manufacturing weapons storage units that match that intricacy.

At one of the Southeast’s busiest airbases, the opportunity arose to upgrade a few items in its armory. While the weapons themselves are state-of-the-art, the storage being used to house, protect and work on those weapons were beginning to show a bit of age. Having not done a storage upgrade in nearly 10 years, decision-makers at the base recognized that there were modern options out there that could offer better design, tighter security and the utmost in flexibility.

Secure and Efficient Solutions

Patterson Pope Sales Representative Jane Glass-Waldron is a military specialist. In her years of working with all sorts of military installations and all manner of personnel, she’s seen firsthand what a successful project looks like. This one was no exception.

“Without question, the more collaborative the approach, the more successful the project,” she said. “It’s a combination of knowing what you want and need, while also knowing when to call in an expert. For many in the military, storage knowledge isn’t in their general purview, so it makes sense to bring in someone like us. We can draw on our extensive experience having worked with a number of different customers to help you find the ideal solution.


The goal at this armory was to securely and efficiently store a wide array of weapons. This included not only the base weapons themselves, but many of the accessories that helped customize those weapons, as well.

The primary solution, in this case, was the Universal Weapons Rack (UWR) system from Spacesaver, along with high-density mobile carriages. Glass-Waldron selected the 84-inch-high weapon racks as it allowed for the greatest density and flexibility. The UWR system allowed for critical customization that could accommodate standard M-4s and M-16s but also what Glass-Waldron likes to refer to as “Gucci gear” ­– custom accessories that go all the way around the barrels like lights, aiming devices, night scopes, etcetera. Inverted brackets provide a lot more space within the racks to store everything they need.

“Addressing those kinds of special forces requirements is one of the things that we’re able to do that our competitors overlook,” added Glass-Waldron. “That’s a part of our comprehensive solution. We also created a custom cabinet and drawers to house all their boxed items, spare barrels and other various components. Some of those components are ones they have to keep, but others are just being turned in and take up space. The custom cabinets have Spacesaver 350-lb. drawers and double-walled, perforated doors on the top. They’re very accommodating for the purpose.”

Tough Enough to Last

It’s no secret that the military is tough on its equipment. Being able to stand up to the wear and tear imposed on it is something that’s expected of any military storage solution. In this instance, in addition to the weapons rack, a pair of hearty Rousseau workbenches (with multiple drawers for tool storage) were added to the armory, as well. Featuring solid wood tops and rubber matting, each provides durable and ample workspace for weapon/accessory cleaning and/or repair. The new Rousseau workbenches have a lifetime warranty on all moving components. No small consideration given their environment.

“We rep the finest products in the industry because we’re committed to long-lasting solutions,” said Glass-Waldron. “If something is important to you, it’s worth the investment. A little heavier investment on the front end means fewer (if any) long-term problems. It’s all part of the same package. In 20 years’ time, you still want to walk into your space and see that the products are doing the job that they were intended to do… and doing it well.”

If there’s anything a military armory specialist can appreciate, it is on-target solutions.




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