4 Innovative Tactical Gear Storage Ideas

By Stuffey | April 2, 2024

Military and public safety personnel train in readiness for orders and attacks. But the ability to immediately respond to the call doesn’t depend only on people. It also requires operational efficiency that considers quick access, space optimization, and security of tactical gear. Try these four innovative tactical gear storage ideas to benefit from versatility, durability, and efficiency in the spaces where you equip troops or other tactical teams.


Maximize Organization with Gear Tactical Readiness Lockers

One way to improve tactical readiness? Regularly evaluating your equipment and logistics. Better support your personnel with public safety or military storage solutions that prioritize security, accountability, and keeping everyone and everything ready to go.

Keep gear out of personnel locker rooms and in an area dedicated to tactical readiness. Tactical gear lockers are designed to accommodate everything from uniforms, equipment, and ammunition to bulk duty bags and TA-50. These durable all-steel lockers from Spacesaver are built to last in demanding applications. For instance, box-construction double-thickness doors offer unmatched strength and rigidity.


These rugged steel storage cabinets also come in a broad selection of sizes and configurations to create a secure space for all the equipment needed in the field. Tailor your tactical readiness lockers to suit your needs with options including: 

  • Various door types (including diamond perforated mesh for ventilation and visibility, or solid or louvered doors) 
  • Four lock options (including hasp only (for padlock), keyed, combination, or electronic) 
  • Design options (including. sloped tops, trim kit options, and surface or recessed mounting)

Along with these customization options, the modular design of gear lockers can help you configure your tactical gear storage for your current needs, knowing you can quickly alter it to suit changing situations. 

Streamline Parachute Storage with Containers and Racks

Parachute jumpers depend on their chutes. The safety and security of their gear is paramount. That’s why riggers need to ensure proper storage. Get peace of mind about parachute handling with containers and racks designed for parachute equipment.

The Spacesaver Parachute Container was designed in collaboration with the Airborne Division of the Army Quartermaster Company. Containers come in two sizes (standard and large) with 11-gauge steel framing providing strength and rigidity, and 12-gauge steel diamond-perforated panels offering visibility and ventilation. Additionally, each container is slightly raised to protect parachutes from ground moisture. 


Of course, you don’t just have to limit these containers to parachute storage. Whether you need to accommodate packed chutes for a plane full of jumpers or organize other military equipment, these modular containers are stackable up to three units high and can be locked down or fully opened. Secure what’s inside with heavy-duty padlocks up to ½ diameter shank.

Or, if you need a more streamlined solution, consider Parachute Racks for a safe, ventilated storage solution for packed parachutes. These heavy-duty racks are safe, ventilated, and customizable depending on your application, allowing for adjustments without the need for tools. These welded Spacesaver racks save space and adjust vertically and horizontally to handle multiple sizes of parachutes on one efficient, accessible rack.


At one Air Force base in the Southeast, a para-rigging utilized a Double-Sided Hanging Parachute rack to accommodate as many as 250 new RA-1 parachutes. The resulting efficiency created a smoother operation, faster turnover, and a more cohesive system without sacrificing the safety of the parachutes.

Optimize Arms Storage with Universal Weapons Racks

Having one universal weapon that answers every need might be a pipe dream for tactical teams tired of lugging around all that various equipment. But, while we’re waiting for that to make it out of the design stage, those equipping tactical teams can at least enjoy the versatility and flexibility of Universal Weapons Racks.

Also designed with the valuable input of actual end users, these racks optimize a wide variety of arms storage to support operational readiness. This innovative storage doesn’t just safely secure almost any combination of weapons. It’s designed to keep optics zeroed during storage and transport. These racks keep optics zeroed during storage and transport, which means you can store multiple weapons in one system without disassembling or zeroing each weapon.

These adjustable racks maximize armory storage in a compact footprint. Keep rifles, sidearms, optics, and other weapons of various lengths and types all secured in a highly secure storage system. The perforated doors and sides also simplify inventory assessments, which boosts operational readiness.

Durability and security are also an essential part of the design. Each heavy-gauge steel cabinet has riveted hinges to prevent unauthorized users from tampering with doors. Cabinets also come with locking bars that exceed military requirements for the security of conventional arms, ammunitions, and explosives.

Enhance Warehouse Efficiency with ActivRac Industrial Mobile Shelving

Unlike traditional static storage, industrial mobile storage systems put your shelving on carriages that can open and close when needed. These systems can eliminate unused aisle space and provide full access to all your materials for quick, safe retrieval.

Many industries use ActivRAC Industrial Mobile Storage systems to increase their storage capacity without the costly expansion and disruptions to daily activity from a full remodel. Available in many sizes and built for heavy-duty storage, these electric-powered systems feature multiple synchronized motors and an available power override unit for accessing materials even during a system or power failure.


It's possible to combine mobile storage systems with other tactical gear storage ideas, benefitting both military and public safety environments: 

  • When space is at a premium, parachute containers can combine with pallet racking on the ActivRAC mobilized storage system to optimize storage.
  • Compact your parachute rack storage by mounting it on a mobile storage system to save valuable space.
  • Mount multiple UWR storage system units on a high-density mobile storage system to centralize your weapons storage while efficiently using your space. 

Stay Ready with Tactical Gear Storage

Whichever storage challenges you face, these tactical gear storage ideas ensure your equipment, ammunition, and other gear are organized, accessible, and secure. Address your specific challenges with storage solutions designed to contribute to mission success. To learn more, contact a Patterson Pope representative today.

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